Diagnostic test kits

Mangalore Biotech Laboratory took leading role in introducing PCR based diagnostic test kits for aquaculture sector in India. We have ready to use diagnostic test kits based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The kits contain PCR mix containing all needed ingredients, target specific primers, positive and negative controls. Kits are available for use by hatcheries, aquaculture farms and also food safety laboratories. Some of the test kits available include:

For aquaculture industry for detection of:
1. White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) single step and nested reaction
2. Monodon baculovirus (MBV)
3. Hepatopancreatic Parvovirus (HPV)
4. Infectious Hypodermal Hepatopancreatic Necrosis virus (IHHNV)
5. Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND)
6. Vibrio harveyi (causing luminous bacterial disease)
7. Enterocytozoon Hepatopenaei (EHP)

For Food safety testing Laboratories for detection of:
1. Salmonella
2. Vibrio cholerae toxigenic (O1/O139)
3. Vibrio parahaemolyticus
4. Listeria monocytogenes
5.Escherichia coli, pathogenic types (STEC, EPEC, etc)

We supply custom-made kits according our customer requirements.

Aquatic animal health management

Aquastim :

immunostimulant to boost shrimp and fish immunity

Black Probitek :

Probiotic for control of Vibro spp and bioremediation of ammonia.

Luminil :

for biocontrol of luminous bacteria

Feed Probiotic :

to boost immunity and improve growth

Moltin :

to boost immunity and improve growth

Custom designed products

Mangalore Biotech Laboratory has facilities for PCR based detection of medically important pathogens like cytomegalovirus,herpes virus, Epstein Barr virus, rotavirus, norovirus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Leptospira, facilities for microbiology, serology and biochemistry based medical diagnostics. Under medical diagnostics section, MBL has a biosafety cabinet, PCR lab with facilities for sample preparation, DNA extraction, PCR and post PCR gel based detection of products.

Products in biotechnology area according to customer requirements. These could include molecular biology and biotechnology related products.
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